CONNECT: Apple Privacy Policy

The CONNECT app collects data from your phone and watch’s sensors (passive data) and data that you enter (active data).   All data are handled in accordance with the University of Manchester privacy policy for research participants

All data are labelled with your study ID number (pseudo-anonymised) and stored on the research server.  The research server is hosted by Amazon Web Services, physically located in London, and is managed by a University of Manchester-approved company.  Like the other pseudo-anonymised data we use in CONNECT and in line with research data storage best practice, these data will be stored for 20 years.  Access to your pseudo-anonymised data is restricted to authorised members of the research team and controlled by secure login. 

The CONNECT app accesses the raw data from your phone and watch’s sensors.  This data forms the passive data we use in the CONNECT study. 

In order to collect the passive data we use in the study, we access the following data:

  • Pedometer
  • Elevation
  • Location (relative to a fixed point, to calculate how far you move in a day)
  • How you wear your watch
  • How you use your phone (including number of calls made and received, and how many different people you are in contact with, but not the content of the calls themselves or the phone numbers of the people you are in contact with)
  • How you use the keyboard on your phone
  • Light levels
  • Your interactions with photos, videos and other media in messaging apps (but not the content of the media)
  • How often you use your phone and your usage patterns, such as what types of app you use and how often you use them, and how often you charge your phone
  • How quickly you move around
  • How you use the Messages app