Meet a member of the CONNECT Team: Sandra Bucci

by | 6 Apr 2023 | Sandra Bucci | 0 comments

Professor Sandra Bucci is the Chief Investigator for the CONNECT Study. She is responsible for the overall delivery of the project to time and budget. Here she answers some questions about her thoughts on the study.

What made you want to work in digital mental health research?

I was noticing the long waiting times for service users to be seen in clinics and wondered how we could bring about efficiencies.

Digital technology was booming at the time and I started to think about how we could leverage technology to improve quality of care and delivery of services.

That was how my programme of digital mental health research was born.

How did the CONNECT study come about?

We had run some studies looking at how we can deliver psychological interventions to service users in the flow of their daily life.

A big limitation was that we were not able to personalise the intervention strategies because of limitations to the technology and our methods.

CONNECT will allow us to develop more personalised insights to service users about changes in their mental health.

What are the biggest challenges that you anticipate for the CONNECT study?

Reaching our sample size and making sure that we keep people using the system over the 12-month period.

What are you most excited about for the CONNECT study?

I am most excited about the potential to develop actionable and personalised insights for service users about their mental health and to bring efficiencies into service delivery.

What is the one change you most want to see happen from the CONNECT study?

That the work becomes embedded into routine clinical service delivery.

What are you most looking forward to achieving with patient and public involvement in the study?

Developing insights into things as researchers we either can’t see or don’t anticipate – the PPI input into the programme so far has been fantastic and is one of the most exciting elements of the project.

Tell us a little about how you spend your spare time.

My spare time is spent with my family, walking the dog, and eating too much pasta!